Maintaining Bird-Free Buildings

At Fly Away BMS many times we’re asked:

How to get rid of sparrows and swallows?

How to get rid of pigeons and crows?

How to get rid of woodpeckers?

How to get rid of geese?

Many of our customers have tried bird spikes, plastic owls, rubber snakes, bird gel, bird repellent sprays and other bird deterrents without success.  Fly Away BMS is an easy-to-use, effective bird repellent.  Here are some additional frequently asked questions:

Does Fly Away work for all birds?
Yes, all birds have the same central nervous system structure.  Fly Away will repel all species of birds.

What is the idea behind the “Bird Management Solution” in Fly Away BMS?
The ease of use and the effectiveness of Fly Away allows the homeowner, building maintenance staff, orchard supervisor, etc. to displace birds from areas where they pose problems and leave birds in areas where they can live without harming humans.  In this way, you can effectively manage your wild bird population, and hence, the name Fly Away Bird Management Solution.

Will I find the odor unpleasant?
No.  When the package is first opened, you will smell grapes and garlic; smells which are common in fruit markets, vegetable stands, and kitchens.  The time release formulation in Fly Away cause the smell to be strongest the first week or two of use and then slowly diminish over the remaining 4 – 6 months of the remain life of the block.   At first you will notice the smell; but overtime, people stop noticing the smell and forget that it is there.

My Fly Away has been deployed for 3 months and I don’t smell it.  Is it still working?
Yes, the time release formulation will continue to emit the active ingredient for 4 – 6 months.

I’ve set out my Fly Away blocks and my birds are still here.  What should I do?
Please read our section on “Understanding Birds” to see if there are attractants.  Fly Away will not harm birds and if there are strong attractants the birds may decide to stay in spite of the presence of Fly Away’s active ingredient.  Check for active nests.  If there are nests containing chicks and/or eggs, remove the Fly Away BMS block from the area until the eggs have hatched, and the chicks have left the nest.  If there are no nests, you’ve removed other attractants, and the birds remain, increase the number of Fly Away blocks by adding fresh blocks.  The good news is that once these stubborn birds leave, they likely will never come back.

I’ve cleared the area of attractants and there are no active nests, yet the birds have not left.  What should I do?
If the area is free of nests and attractants and the birds remain a problem consider how you have deployed your Fly Away blocks.  Fly Away is an aromatic bird repellent.  For it to work, the birds have to smell its active ingredient.  Be sure your Fly Away block is fresh and you have positioned it in a place where the aroma will reach the birds.  You should also consider the prevailing wind direction and strength.  If the wind is strong, increase the number of blocks and strategically place them upwind of the problem birds making sure the aroma covers the roosting areas.

I have birds that nest under my eaves, in the same place, every year.  What should I do?
For birds that habitually nest in same spot you need to be proactive in your actions.  In the spring before nest building begins, place one or two blocks of Fly Away BMS in the nest spot.  Be sure to place the blocks before nest building begins.  When the birds arrive to build their annual nest, they will quickly learn this is no longer a desirable home and choose a more suitable location for this year’s nest.

Do I need a Weather Cap?
No.  Weather Caps are not necessary but do provide several advantages.  They are an easy way to hang your Flay Away blocks; and, in regions with high amounts or exceptionally hard rainfalls, or punishing sunshine, a Weather Cap will provide protection from the elements and will enhance the life of your Fly Away block.

Can I use Fly Away granules in my garden and around my fruit trees?

Although there are no poisons or harsh chemicals in Fly Away, use of granules around fruits, vegetables, or other consumable plants is not recommended.  The flavors in Fly Away may leech into the soil as a result of rain and irrigation.  In these cases the flavors, primarily grape and garlic, could be absorbed by the fruit, vegetable, etc. and compromise the crop.  We recommend using Fly Away blocks to protect fruit trees, vegetables, berries, etc. from foraging birds.

I have unused Fly Away products that I don’t need.  How do I return them?
We gladly accept returned products in their original, unopened package within 30 days of receipt.  Please email us at CustomerService@FlyAwayBMS.comor call us on 1.833.4.FLYAWAY for return instructions.

Is Fly Away BMS registered by the EPA? 
Yes - Fly Away BMS is registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and in 45 states and the District of Columbia.  Please see our product pages for states that we currently cannot ship to.

Is it poison? 
Fly Away BMS products are designed to be environmentally responsible.  As such, all Fly Away BMS ingredients are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) listed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  The active ingredient in Fly Away BMS is methyl anthranilate which is a food flavorant used in candies and soft drinks.  For more information on how Fly Away works, please see our section on “Fly Away BMS Technology.”