Fly Away BMS Bulk Granules for Golf Courses
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Use the following tips to better control wild birds around your golf course.  Most courses have two types of wild bird issues.


FlyAway Bird Repellent for Golf Courses First, small migratory birds commonly nest in “golf course structures” such as cart barns, under clubhouse eaves, and in covered, open-air shelters.  Use Fly Away BMS blocks or pouches spaced 6 – 10 feet apart in barns, sheds, or under structures to keep birds away.  It’s best to apply Fly Away BMS early in the year before nesting season starts.  Once nests are established, it’s harder to drive birds away.


Second is ground nesting/foraging birds, commonly waterfowl, create “on course” bird issues.  Water fowl such as ducks, geese, cranes, etc. soil greens and  fairways around water features throughout the course.  Use Fly Away BMS bulk granules to create a “barrier” to the ingress/egress locations to water features. Also,  tee boxes, drop zones, or other areas where birds congregate are protected by applying Fly Away BMS bulk granules directly to soiled areas.

FlyAway Bird Repellent Application Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prescribed application rate?

Field tests confirm that Fly Away BMS granules can be effective in keeping birds away at varying applications rates depending on severity of infestation and environmental factors.  We recommend application rates from .5 lb/1,000 sq ft to 5 lb per 1,000 sq ft. 

What is the re-application frequency?

Fly Away BMS bulk granules utilize a patented, time-release formulation.  Our EPA approval suggests reapplication every 3 months.  Depending on your location and weather conditions you may find it lasts even longer.


Are reapplications necessary?

Ornithological research has discovered birds are intelligent creatures of habit.  As such, once they learn an area is not a good nesting or foraging place they will relocate to more favorable surroundings.  As a result, many times a user of Fly Away BMS may only require one application to permanently drive birds out of an area.


Does rain or irrigation frequency impact the efficacy?

Fly Away’s unique time-release technology helps keep the product effective in many diverse environments including irrigation.  Field tests indicate that typical irrigation does not have a significant effect on the effectiveness.


Does the entire area need to be treated, or can strips be applied around borders where I want to keep birds out?

Frequently treating an entire area is not necessary.  It may be sufficient to treat only areas heavily trafficked by the fowl.  For example, water fowl commonly use the same routes to and from adjacent lakes and ponds.  Treating common ingress and egress paths may be sufficient to encourage the birds to find a new more suitable location. 


If applied to a golf course green what product is left on the surface?  How long does the product stay on the surface?

We suggest applying the product around the green and band the green similar to treating areas around water features.  The granular product uses a 10-20 grit crushed/ground corn cob as the carrying material. 


What is the cost?

The cost of repelling birds using Fly Away BMS granules varies depending on the particular situation.  Fly Away BMS Bulk Granules is available in 25 lb bag for $625/25 lb.  Orders of 100 lb or more receive a 20% discount, or $500/25 lb.