Evicting Unwanted Guest


Residential homes offer many protected perches that birds find irresistible for nesting and roosting: eaves, attics, porches, carports, sheds – the list goes on. Fly Away BMS bird repellent is specifically designed to keep birds away from such areas. Fly Away is easy to use and more effective than other bird deterrents and devices.


Start by removing as many attractants as possible (see Understanding Birds). If you find established nests with eggs or young chicks, wait until the eggs hatch and chicks fledge, and then place a Fly Away block or two in the area. Birds will immediately lose interest in that location and stay away. Birds commonly return to the same nesting spot year after year, but with a Fly Away block or two in place, returning birds will quickly decide to find a new place for this year’s nest and for every year thereafter.


To deter birds from your garden, place blocks near the plants they favor at roughly 10 feet apart along the perimeter and on stakes throughout the garden. If they’re especially persistent, increase the density of the blocks to as close as 6 feet apart. To protect fruit trees, place several blocks in each tree. Time your deployment of fresh blocks shortly before the fruit ripens, when birds begin to smell and become attracted to the harvest.