Success Stories

Many of our customers have tried other bird repellents, bird deterrents, and multiple bird control devices without much success. This is a sample of some of the feedback we've recieved about Fly Away BMS.

bird deterrent products“I was having many issues with birds and other critters due to a next door neighbor who puts out many bird feeders, including ones along my property line. To date, they have 10 feeders out. The feeders are never moved or cleaned and left out year round. Hence they attract many other items besides birds, but the birds have been the messiest by far. The birds seem to sit everywhere around my home and property and always leave many presents. In addition to making nests everywhere not welcomed, they were living under our cars on our driveway leaving seed and poop all over the drive. We even had car repair bills because they and the attraction of mice to their seed were living in the engines of our cars.

When I first found out about the Fly Away BMS products, I tried a few and noticed an immediate difference. I first tried the discs, and then was told the pouches may work better, so now I use both, and added the black weather caps to avoid the rain. The difference in how many birds now visit us everywhere (to include under the car) has changed immensely. We’ve even hung a couple from under our car, and it has also helped.

I highly recommend using this product if you have pesky bird issues, but have no control over what's bringing them on your property. They do work!

Thanks Fly Away - You have made an intolerable situation much easier to handle. We are now working on getting our HOA to limit the amount of feeders on someone's property as well as placement of the feeders. We wish us luck!”

- Marilyn, Illinois

bird deterrent products“With 35+ years of growing/managing over 150 acres of cherries, I’ve battled bird issues for sure. I consider Early Robin/Rainier, Chelan, and Santina to be like bird magnetsas these varieties are the first fruit to begin ripening in the entire region. After 4 years of working with Flyaway BMS as a tool, I no longer consider birds as a major pest. Once we place the product to keep the birds away from our earliest varieties, they don’t seem to return during our normal 3 weeks of harvest. Because of the products’ longevity, we’ve also been successful in removing product pouches and placing them into Honey Crisp & Gala blocks to increase the return on investment, truly a great product!”

- Jim Kelley, grower & consultant, Kennewick, WA

bird deterrent products“We have been quite pleased with Fly Away BMS so far. Our goose problem is usually localized but very stubborn. Each area that we have applied the product has remained goose free. It is very encouraging that we have been able to keep them off the usual areas and make them uncomfortable enough to move to another location at a different property. So far, so good. Thank you!”

PS: We have also shared a small amount with another course nearby and they have had similar positive results.

- Bill, Sawgrass Country Club

bird deterrent products“I purchased this product last year. I have a 3 car garage that the birds had pretty much taken over. I couldn't park my car in it because they would "crap" all over it. The 1 side of the garage was the worst. The entire wall and door were just covered. I put up the product and within a week they were gone and didn't return. I decided to get ahead of the problem earlier this year. I'll be happy to update you later in the summer. Thanks.”

- Maggie, Homeowner, Pennsylvania

bird deterrent products“I want to thank you for having a product that keeps the sparrows away from my patio. I have a rollup awning, these people moved in next door, and decided to feed the birds. Well, all of a sudden I have 20 sparrows in my awning, all over my patio and bird droppings on everything. I put the granule pouch up in the awning, and those sparrows stay away. I have tried a lot of different products that just didn't work. I came across your site, read everything, ordered, and my problem was solved. Wish I had found you sooner. I tell everyone I know with bird problems to go to your web site. Thank you.”

- Mary, Homeowner, Michigan

bird deterrent products“We've used the Fly Away BMS for a few months now and it's worked like a charm! We have had a woodpecker type bird waking us up in the early mornings the past few spring/summers by pecking above our bathroom window (south side of the backyard). After hanging the Fly Away BMS block from the roof right above the window, the bird has stopped his early morning wake-up calls along with ruining our siding. We also have multiple bird feeders in our backyard (north side of the backyard) that haven't seen a decrease in feathered friends, which was a concern of mine after hanging Fly Away BMS. ”

- Lauren R, Covington, Washington

bird deterrent products“We have been using Fly Away BMS for several years while in development.  I have been waiting for it to become available to the public.  We use it over our deck at our winery and in trees to keep the deck bird free and clean. We also use in it our vineyards which has been big help in not having to net our vineyards.  We make sure they are in vineyards prior to veraison.”

- Brandon, Winery Owner, Missouri

bird deterrent products“I am a huge fan of this product!  Last year I tried everything to keep the birds off of my covered deck. They were building nests in my hanging flower baskets and ruining my patio furniture. Once I placed the ‘safe’ disc of repellant I had no more issues.  I even hung one in the parking lot at my work where I park my car to keep the birds away from my mirrors. My car is the cleanest one on the lot! I love how chemical free it is for children and pets. 5-star product!”

- Pauline, Home Owner, Missouri

bird deterrent products“We live on a lake in Beautiful Bellevue Washington. For years Canadian geese migrated north every year until people started feeding them. Now they have taken up permanent residence destroying our lawns and making unsightly and harmful messes of our beach and sport court. We started using Fly Away products about 2 years ago and are very happy to report that it really works. No more messy dock, sport court or torn up grass. Thanks Fly Away. ”

- Randy, Bellevue, Washington