Easy, Effective and Eco-Friendly

There are so many methods for deterring birds that the U.S. Government has published a full report that summarizes them: Methods of Bird Control: Advantages and Disadvantages. Although an excellent resource for understanding the wide variety of bird control techniques, a quick review of this reference reveals just how ineffective these methods are. Unfortunately, such poor results can lead to lethal, last-resort measures where hundreds or thousands of birds end up euthanized. By comparison, here are the key advantages that make Fly Away BMS such a superior alternative to traditional methods:


No Harm To Birds

All Fly Away ingredients are approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Fly Away is completely biodegradable and will not harm birds or wildlife.


Fast, Safe, Easy Delivery System

Available in solid block or granule form, Fly Away requires no measuring, mixing or commercial-grade application equipment. And easy application comes with no worries about spillage, overspray or clean up.


Natural, Time-Released Effectiveness

When first applied, Fly Away’s aroma is at its strongest, which is exactly what’s needed to displace well-established birds. After birds move on and time passes, Fly Away gradually breaks down, emitting a weaker scent that’s still enough to prevent any passing birds from lingering.


Safer Around Gardens, Orchards & Crops

The unique Fly Away block delivery system means you never apply it directly to fruits, vegetables or other edible crops. Gardens, fruit trees, vineyards and orchards are protected from birds without the danger of being tainted by bird repellent. We do not recommend applying Fly Away granules in gardens or crops because the active ingredient may leech into the soil and potentially affect crop flavor.