Protecting the Harvest

Marauding flocks of birds can have a devastating impact on agricultural crops.  Fortunately, there is an easy and convenient way to keep this from happening - use Fly Away to deter birds from raiding food crops.  Fly Away is not applied directly to crops such as fruits, berries or vegetables like other repellents. In fact, we don’t recommend applying Fly Away granules to crops because the active ingredient may leech into the soil, potentially affecting crop flavor. Instead, place Fly Away blocks in and around the area at a density of about 10 feet apart. (Each block has an effective coverage of a sphere approximately 10 feet in diameter.) Time your deployment of fresh blocks shortly before the crop ripens. If birds continue to congregate, increase the density to approximately 6 feet apart. As they gradually degenerate, the blocks release methyl anthranilate, the active aromatic ingredient that birds dislike. When they’ve lost a quarter to a third of their original size (about 3 months), replace the blocks to maintain a bird-free growing environment.