Wholesale Sales

Bird pests can be extremely problematic and destructive in commercial warehouses and industrial environments.  Woodpeckers, sparrows, crows, swallows, starlings, etc. all roost in building structures, leave droppings on inventory and equipment, and sometimes destroy inventory using it for nesting material.  Bird deterrents, such as netting, predator mimics, scarecrows etc. are only marginally effective.  Fly Away BMS is a powerful bird repellent that birds cannot acclimate to and drives birds away forever.

For large quantity purchases at special volume discounts and/or advice on how best to manage your bird problems, contact us at 1-833-4-FLYAWAY or email CustomerSevice@FlyAwayBMS.com. Please include your name, location (including zip code), and a brief description of your problem or need. We’ll have one of our national representatives contact you for personalized support.