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Fly Away BMS bulk granules are packaged in 25 lb resealable bags. Using the same formulation as our blocks and pouches, bulk granules provide an easy and convenient way to protect large open spaces from ground foraging and nesting birds such as ducks, geese, coots, etc.  Fly Away BMS bulk granules are easily spread using a conventional broadcast spreader.  Like our blocks and pouches, Fly Away BMS bulk granules are made entirely from human or livestock food products and are approved by the FDA or are Association of American Feed Control Officials, GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) listed. Fly Away BMS bulk granules won’t harm birds, they simply encourage them to move to different areas.


bird deterrent products“We have been quite pleased with Fly Away BMS so far. Our goose problem is usually localized but very stubborn. Each area that we have applied the product has remained goose free. It is very encouraging that we have been able to keep them off the usual areas and make them uncomfortable enough to move to another location at a different property. So far, so good. Thank you!”

PS: We have also shared a small amount with another course nearby and they have had similar positive results.

- Bill, Sawgrass Country Club


Apply Fly Away BMS granules to wide areas such as lawns, sporting fields, turfs, walking paths, parks, designated green spaces , and other large, open areas where birds congregate by spreading granules using a broadcast spreader. Coverage and reapplication rates will depend on local factors and conditions such as availability of food sources, nesting material, density of ground cover, and ground conditions. Apply the minimum amount of Fly Away BMS granules to repel established bird populations and to maintain a bird-free area.

Use the following table as a guide.


Objective I Conditions

Coverage Rates

Reapplication Schedules

Displacement of well-established, heavy bird populations with abundant food sources and nesting material; high ground

cover; heavy rain; soft or muddy soil

Up to 5 lb/ 1,000 sq ft

6 weeks or as needed when birds begin to recongregate in treated areas.

Displace moderate bird

populations, light ground cover, light to moderate rain

2 to 3 lb/ 1,000 sq ft

6 - 10 weeks or as needed when birds begin to recongregate in treated areas.

Maintenance of bird-free areas, light ground cover, light rain

.5 to 1 lb / 1,000 sq ft

10 - 12 weeks or as needed when birds begin to recongregate in treated areas.


Fly Away BMS granules remain effective depending on temperature, humidity, sun, and rain exposure. Granules will breakdown and lose their effectiveness over time. Reapply as necessary to maintain a bird-free environment.