Maintaining Bird-Free Buildings

The large structures and open areas of commercial buildings and spaces can be very attractive to a wide variety of birds. Hang Fly Away blocks in rafters, walkway covers, warehouses, industrial equipment, air conditioning units, HVAC installations—anywhere bird congregation becomes a nuisance or injurious to people, property or equipment. At the same time, remove as many attractants as possible (See Understanding Birds). If nests are found containing eggs or young chicks, wait until the eggs hatch and chicks fledge before applying blocks. 


Each Fly Away block has an effective coverage of a sphere approximately 10 feet in diameter. Place blocks up to 10 feet apart. This will help in removing the birds from the area. If birds continue to congregate, increase the density to approximately 6 feet apart. As they gradually degenerate, the blocks release methyl anthranilate, the active aromatic ingredient that birds avoid. When they’ve lost a quarter to a third of their original size (about 3 months), replace the blocks to maintain a bird-free environment.