Safeguarding Public Spaces

Whether it’s fouled walkways, droppings damage to expensive equipment, or potential life-threatening encounters with airplanes, birds can present real problems for parks, municipalities, airports, and other public spaces. Fly Away BMS helps keep these places cleaner and safer for both humans and birds.


Public parks should be enjoyed by all variety of visitors. The problem with Canada Geese and some other waterfowl is that instead of visiting, they never leave. Fouled walkways and lawns become filthy slip hazards and maintenance nightmares, and geese can become aggressive, harassing and pecking visitors in defense of feeding and nesting areas. Fly Away granules spread over these areas are a safe, effective way to encourage birds to move on to more wild environments where they won’t bother people, and vice versa.


For municipalities and other public entities, avian problems manifest themselves in the many buildings, structures and equipment they have to clean and maintain. Birds find these spaces all too inviting for roosting and nesting, and the resulting droppings can cause serious nuisance, cleanup and corrosion issues. Use our blocks to remove undesired bird groups around the parks. Fly Away blocks put an end to these problems in a way that’s safe, humane, and inexpensive. 


Airports are another example of large, open spaces that birds find irresistible for feeding, roosting and nesting. Unfortunately, birds and airplanes are a bad combination. Whether it’s runways, taxiways or hangars, birds can be messy, destructive or even dangerous. Since the unforgettable “Miracle on the Hudson” landing by Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, everyone knows the potential hazards of airborne bird strikes, but they can create problems on the ground too. As every private pilot knows, part of every preflight routine is checking the engine compartment for bird nests, which can cause a fire in flight. Fly Away BMS blocks in hangar structures and Fly Away granules in open areas around runways help to mitigate these problems by keeping birds and planes at a safe distance.